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Wishbone Publishing and the British Art Invasion! JJ Adams, Mark Davies, Katy Jade Dobson, Harry Bunce & Tom Lewis First Exclusive Releases

We are very excited to announce the gallery is the first in the United States to represent originals and limited editions by the renowned UK artists of Wishbone Publishing.

Those in the know or who have travelled in Europe will be aware of the meteoric rise of this company in the last five years.  With their keen eye and sharp awareness of what walks the leading edge around the European art world, Wishbone has been signing the hottest and most collectible artists in the UK to their roster.  Many of their limited editions by JJ Adams, Mark Davies, Harry Bunce, Tom Lewis, and Katy Jade Dobson are selling out in hours.

September 6th marks the first official art release to galleries in the United States (all which you can see ON THIS PAGE).  In the coming months, ArtInsights and a handful of other galleries nationwide will get exclusive original and limited edition images to sell.  No doubt lots of savvy art collectors here will be as excited by the work as those in the UK have become, and we expect an enthusiastic acceptance not only by those who have, up till now, been going overseas to gain access, but also by many who will be seeing it for the first time.

Our assortment will include limited edition giclees on both paper and canvas, in two sizes, and very small editions.  The UK releases have largely only been on paper, so this is great opportunity for collectors who love the way canvas pieces, specifically, bring spaces alive with color and, regardless of the subject matter, make the new walls they make home POP!

All the galleries who have signed on to represent Wishbone in the US have very limited quantities of the new editions, so if something strikes you, don’t wait to get your order in.  Now is the time to get on this crazy train, before EVERYONE knows about it.  Buying now means we contact you first about upcoming release drops!

JJ Adams has a new release exclusive to the US from phenomenally well-received Tattoo collection called Her Majesty Colour Tattoo II.  We only have one image from JJ at the moment, but it’s a doozy, and we are looking forward to the next one with great anticipation!


Her Majesty Colour Tattoo II by JJ Adams

We love Mark Davies because his style is so in alignment with our love of story and archetypes.  Basing many of his images on fairy tales and classic books, he creates big, dramatic, color-drenched pieces that speak to a love of collective societal memory, childhood, cautionary tales, and what builds the dreams that carry us through our lives.  Here is his page where you can see the releases!

It's Not Goodbye by Mark Davies

It’s Not Goodbye by Mark Davies

Katy Jade Dobson is not only filled with authentic grace as a female artist navigating the art world (no easy feat!) but she also has a style that is full of emotion and color.  Her pieces are very big and make a great, very warm statement.  They seem imbued with the love she has for creating, and for sending her creations out into the world to share. See her images, which include giclees on canvas, a rarity in her assortment, and only available in the US editions.

Koi by Katy Jade Dobson

Koi by Katy Jade Dobson

Tom Lewis confounds me.  Who is Megan? I guess we’ll find out!  He blends very interesting aspects including the integration of graffiti art, the aesthetic of neon, and anime, among other things, into his style.  I don’t get it, but I like it!  Such great color. Here is our first collection of his work.

Megan and the Kyou Squeeze

Megan and the Kyou Squeeze by Tom Lewis

We have all the art up on the website now, and you can buy them online, but we will confirm your purchase via email shortly thereafter.  The number available will drop as we sell the pieces, but If two collectors buy the same image at the same time, there may be a false positive that says you’ve gotten art that’s already sold out!

Also, we have reserved originals by most of these artists that we can’t post online, so PLEASE ask us about them and we can forward you images.  There’s nothing hotter than their one-of-a-kind art.  We will attempt to get as many originals as possible from the releases, but you might also consider doing a commission.  Who knows?  The folks at Wishbone may love the end result so much they use it to become their next big sold-out limited edition!

We hope you find a new favorite amongst these artists.  There’s really nothing as personal than accepting art into your home and making it part of your everyday experience, and we, and the artists and publishers at Wishbone are honored by every fan and collector, whether new or seasoned.  Thanks and we look forward to bringing you lots of exciting new art in the near and distant future!

*to collectors from the UK: Yes, we do ship around the world.  Currently we have the price structure for shipping as a flat rate of $70 for unframed art, which is through first class US postal service.  If buying a rolled canvas, the price may be less, but we are testing things out and can alter prices as we go.

As ever, if you have any questions, please contact us.  The best way is to email Leslie at artinsights@gmail.com, or you can call the gallery at 703-478-0778.  THANKS AND GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

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