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Comic-Confidential: The First-Timer’s View, Part 1

July 18, 2013 – 2:01 AM


Comic-Con Preview Night was wild. Leslie, Michael, and I showed up a bit before 2, after walking about a mile from our parking spot to the convention center. The crowd gradually grew bigger and bigger as we approached the building, and by the time we were in line for our hella fancy “Professional” badges, the number of people was really striking.


Fortunately, our line moved quite quickly (at least by Comic-Con standards, so I hear), and we soon had our fancy Pro badges [huge geek-out over how “wtf nuh-uh” that was for me] aaaand some beautiful swag-bags courtesy of WB. Still trying to get a Hannibal one, but we did get a good assortment of Godzilla, Teen Titans Go, and the creme de la creme that EVERYONE wanted to trade for : retro Batman. Sickkk.


Our next step was to wait in line for the Exhibition hall opening, but we had some cool sidesteps on the way. First we met some of Leslie’s friends, stood under a blasting fan (very important.), energy drinks (also critical), visited the art display room, which was full of dedicated fans waiting in massive lines, in addition to some breathtaking art.


We made our way to the line for Professionals to get into the Exhibit hall. The line was long but not as atrociously long as it would be without Pro badges. (There are different types of badges for Comic-Con that give you access to different things. For instance, because we are hosting a panel, we have Professional badges; whereas people who have booths in the exhibition area have Exhibition badges.)


With the help of one of our very generous friends, Leslie and I were able to get something of a preview of the exhibition hall. It was ridiculous. I’ve been to Comic-Con in Baltimore before, and this room had to be 3…4…10 times the size of its counterpart in MD. Maybe bigger; I don’t actually have a sense of scale. At all.


We met really awesome people, including a friend of the artist Noah and four comic book/foosball merch people (one or two of whom Leslie already knew). To my surprise, they were all really kind and cool. (I dunno, I’m from DC where everyone’s kind of a d-bag.)


The exhibition opened to the general audience sometime between 5:30 and 6. The Hasbro line, our first stop, was filled up the second the doors opened, which was kind of stupid because we weren’t even allowed to browse the grounds untl then… some people must have broken the cardinal rule and *RUN* to the booth… tsk tsk, for shame! :)


Michael had incredible luck and was able to get the Funko exclusives that he had his heart set on. Ugh those lines were IMPOSSIBLE for the rest of us! But meanwhile, Leslie and I saw some great booths like Her Universe (hi, make smaller clothes please), MyCoolCarStuff’s Star Wars collection, the Walking Dead house (possible *SPOILER* Michael went in and said it even had the General’s room of heads–ugh, cooooool), a Firefly booth who put all their profit towards charity… From Crazy Cat, I got an exclusive Venom guitar that I can’t wait to give to my dad. We also met a bunch of independent artists and artisans, from whom we bought artwork, shirts, comics, and even ear-cuffs.


Normally I don’t get too excited, but this was one of the coolest experiences I can recall. There were just so many booths with cool things — old school comics, comic book ink drawings, superhero costumes, lifesize Lego Superman(!!!??) and and and… brain short circuiting because so much geekery and beauty.


Also saw some adorable Wonder Woman and Batman bikinis plus Sailor Moon merch, if any of you strapping folks out there would like to share the love… Winks! (Please halp I am poor.) Hintedy hint-hint.


By the end of our night, my legs were very upset with me. But, this is Comic-Con, I told those dumb old limbs, and we will persevere, you lil wimpos! And indeed we did as we walked the mile+ back to our car.


Time for dinner now with a wonderful man named Joe, his beautiful wife Michelle, and one of our new friends, Foosball pro, Phil. We ate at a place near La Jolla called Truluck, and honestly I don’t think I’ve ever eaten food that delicious in my life. Granted my diet is largely boring and bland. Notwithstanding, this food made my tastebuds cry in ecstasty. Really I don’t enjoy food this much, like, ever. And then came the Eiswein… No thanks, my tongue can’t handle this beauty… But no it was just indescribable (partially because eloquence is not a skill of mine, but mostly because um ,have you ever tasted this stuff, because I’m pretty sure it’s made of angels’ kisses?). Pretty sure it was worth the five pounds I undoubtedly gained. We’ll see how I feel about that in the morning though… haha.


And now we are back at our place of residence for the next few days. I’m excited to sleep in a bed tonight! Not that the couch last night wasn’t wonderful and sincerely appreciated. (Also there is a precious dog here named Susan and I love her.) We are all exhausted and have a HUGE day ahead of us tomorrow. Not only do we have our Legendary Animators of Classic 60s Cartoons panel at 5:00 pm in Room 9, but also it’s the X-Files 20th Anniversary panel with friggin Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny and Chris Carter, David Amann, Vince Gilligan, and more, and someone please just tear out my heart if I miss it because I don’t want to live with myself anymore if I  pass up the opportunity to meet them. (The X-Files is hands-down my favorite show. No contest. Nothing even close.)


So, now I must go study up on our fantastic panel guests (Bob Singer, Art Leonardi, Willie Ito, and Iraj Paran–all of whom, frankly, we could spend more than the duration of our panel speaking with) and then get some sleep. It’s 5 AM our time right now. Woof. And tomorrow will be another long yet awesome day. I cannot wait for our panel… meeting the guys who worked on friggin Bugs Bunny and Pink Panther and Scooby Doo and the Jetsons… on top of the possibility of seeing Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson, and David Duchovny *swoooon*… I’m a little afraid that this is all a dream. Please don’t wake me up. I will be an extra big grouch. Seriously I’m a monster.


-Christine Munchak for ArtInsights

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