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Where Justice Resides by Alex Ross

Where Justice Resides

Where Justice Resides is originally taken from the cover art created for “Justice League of America, Issue 12,” illustrated and painted by renown DC Comics cover artist, Alex Ross. The artwork was literally split in half to create two covers for the same edition.

For our Batman V Superman show, we were able to get a very few pieces signed by Alex Ross. We don't know what the future of his art will be in terms of availability as limited edition, so if you love one of the pieces we have right now, snap it up!

“Justice League of America, Issue 12,” introduces readers to the new members of the Justice League, as well as a more modern world in which they live. The comic also showcases the intertwined personalities and affairs of this new league of superheroes.

The cover art is important in that it reminds the world of what the Justice League’s intent is; that is to represent, uphold and protect justice for all of humanity.

Limited Edition Giclee on Paper
Artwork Dimensions
27.75 x 22.5 image size, sold only framed.