Excited about Alien: Covenant and LOVE Xenomorphs? We have John Alvin  movie art used in the making of the franchise. 

Tarzan Baby Swings – original production concept art

Tarzan Baby Swings - original production concept art

Tarzan Baby Swings - original production concept art

A human raised to live among apes in the jungles of Africa, Tarzan is extremely strong, fast and flexible. Found when he was just a baby and adopted into the band, he developed quickly to keep up with his new family. His agility and intelligence made him an asset to the group. When he discovered humans on a safari expedition, he was astounded to learn that there existed people like him.   Tarzan is an extremely brave, loyal and honorable character. He cares deeply about his family and friends and was willing to risk his life to save them. He has also been known to be willing to rescue his enemies; an example of this was when Clayton was about to fall to his death and Tarzan exclaimed "Clayton! No!" and reached out to save him, even though Clayton had fatally wounded Kerchak and attempted to kidnap his whole gorilla family.

John Alvin, who became a close friend of ours, is one of the most prolific and well known of all the cinema artists in history, and belongs in the tiny list of important artists which includes Drew Struzan, Richard Amsel, Bob Peak, and Saul Bass. We are honored to represent the original art of John Alvin, and hope his true fans, new fans, or those who know his very important place in film history will be the ones who will get these wonderful originals. They all come with certificates from his estate. Please call with any questions. 

Original Production Drawing