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Superman: Rough Justice

Superman: Rough Justice

For our Batman V Superman show, we were able to get a very few pieces signed by Alex Ross. We don't know what the future of his art will be in terms of availability as limited edition, so if you love one of the pieces we have right now, snap it up!

Superman: Rough Justice is the cover art for the newest Alex Ross art book: Rough Justice, which features the original drawings and sketches of Alex Ross. The book is edited by Chipp Kidd, who also wrote and edited the Mythology book.

The is the first fine art release that reveals Alex Ross’ process as he works, creating a highly detailed sketch and then layering the colors over the pencil.

 Superman was originally created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. While Superman possesses super-human strength on Earth, on his home planet of Krypton, the Man of Steel is no stronger than an average human.

 Comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Limited Edition Giclee on Paper
Artwork Dimensions
Paper: 19 x 14