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Sunset Waltz in the City of Stars Original Art by Mark Davies


Sunset Waltz in the City of Stars by Mark Davies captures the nostalgia of Hollywood's Golden Age, the magic of a warm night in LA, and the power of imagination all at once.  It takes inspiration from the great new film La La Land, but only so far as to consider, as indeed La La Land does, the many wonderful dancers and best musicals of film history.  It feels visually like it is suggesting that all the magic of the movies, and all the stories we so love from them, all live on and remain a part of the life of the city.

It's a tribute to the all-important belief that great movies espouse: "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE"..

...and also that, as they sing in WHITE CHRISTMAS, "the best things happen while you're dancing."

Dancers, lovers of the best of what Los Angeles has to offer, and fans of musicals old and new will fall in love with Sunset Waltz.  It's a beautiful piece that will possibly be released as a limited edition, but don't you want to be the one to have it to inspire your imagination right on your own wall?

Here's Mark Davies talking about it:

What I have shown is a beautiful scene of a couple reunited in the stars to dance the waltz, and the dancers are actually based on Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. 

 I have drawn the LA light map from the city grid using tiny dots, and hopefully it creates a feeling that those within the city who also share memories of days gone by are involved, the subtle detail and glowing cloud reaching upwards give that sense that all of their memories come together to project what you see above. There are a lot of magical details, true to my body of work and style, that visually help to carry the images up into the stars. 

This art is mixed media, and is presented with a hand-embellished frame that Mark adds elements to, appropriate to the art itself.    36 x 48 inches framed.

Artwork Dimensions
36 x 48 framed


1 available