Excited about Alien: Covenant and LOVE Xenomorphs? We have John Alvin  movie art used in the making of the franchise. 

Harry Potter: The Burrow

The Burrow by Stuart Craig

Harry Potter: The Burrow

Includes Certificate of Authenticity

NOTE: The complete set of six Stuart Craig images are available for $1900.00, housed in a special portfolio.

The first 50 numbered pieces are reserved for matched portfolio sets.

The art is illustrated by concept artist Andrew Williamson, and designed by Stuart Craig, taken from his initial plans and occasional pencil sketches.  If you don't know much about Stuart, he is really one of the top production designers in film and one of the foremost reasons for the success of the Harry Potter movie series.  He and producer David Heyman are THE consistent players behind the scenes of ALL the movies, as required by JK Rowling herself.  She wanted the look and feel of the movies to stay magical and expansive and inspiring, and Stuart Craig, having been the production designer for Dangerous Liaisons, The English Patent, and Gandhi, was definitely the guy to do that!  For more of what he did and why, you can go listen to the interview I did with him on www.artinsightsmagazine.com!

Limited Edition Giclee on Paper
Artwork Dimensions
20 x 8