Excited about Alien: Covenant and LOVE Xenomorphs? We have John Alvin  movie art used in the making of the franchise. 

The Caterpillar Speaks

The Caterpillar Speaks by Mark Swanson

The caterpillar speaks some wise words to the befuddled Alice who grows further impatient with his confusing brain teasing questions.

About the artist:

Mark Swanson´s enchanting art glows with brilliant color, graceful shapes, and beaming optimism all set in a world of lush tropical splendor. His artistic vision was shaped in California during the days when "Good Vibrations" and "Sgt. Pepper" were wafting down the beach from a new 67´mustang convertible. Swanson spent his early professional years painting record covers, concert posters, and making animated TV commercials and short experimental animated films. In the mid eighties Swanson was hired to create the layouts.

Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas
Artwork Dimensions
26" X 26"