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Batman: Face to Face

Batman: Face to Face

Batman: Face to Face - This brooding downcast cover image of The Caped Crusader, was created by DC Comics cover artist, Simone Bianchi.
The image is taken from eight-part Batman Detective series, “Face To Face.” A pivotal follow up to the “Infinite Crisis” series, “Face to Face” marks the return of Batman to Gotham where he must now solve a string of murders.

“Batman: Face to Face” illustrates Bianchi’s dark, yet detail-oriented style. In this image of Batman, we readily observe the vigilante’s tension as he readies himself to not just uncover the murderer’s identity, but protect old foes as well.
Bianchi’s obsession with all things gothic, particularly gothic churches inside Florence, Italy, lead to the darkly cold setting in which he has placed Batman, who Bianchi claims embodies the gothic period better than any other character.

Canvas artwork comes rolled or flat. If you are interested in having it stretched or gallery wrapped before being shipped, please contact the gallery.

Comes with certificate of authenticity. Signed by the artist, Simone Bianchi. 

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Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas
Limited Edition GIclee on Paper
Artwork Dimensions
Canvas: 16.25 x 24.75
Paper: 17.5 x 25