Excited about Alien: Covenant and LOVE Xenomorphs? We have John Alvin  movie art used in the making of the franchise. 

Matt Busch’s “Hollywood is Dead” Series

ArtInsights Gallery presents
Originals by Movie Poster Artist and Illustrator,
October 15, 2010
On Exhibit: October 13 – October 30  •  Open House: Saturday, October 30, 12-9 pm
Reston, VA – ArtInsights Animation and Film Art Gallery is presenting a collection of re-imagined movie posters, a (rotted) tongue-in-cheek take on the shambling runaway phenomenon of zombies currently invading pop culture. The parody presentation is on exhibit daily from October 13th through November 3rd, with an open house 12 to 9 pm on Saturday, October 30th, featuring 30 original paintings by Matt Busch, including interpretations from contemporary blockbusters such as “Star Wars” and classics like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. All art will be available for purchase, with a percentage of profits to benefit the National Film Preservation Foundation.
ArtInsights Animation and Film Art Gallery, the exclusive gallery worldwide to represent original art by famed cinema artists John Alvin, as well as interpretive and production art by other well known illustrators, is located at Reston Town Center, 11921 Freedom Drive, Reston, VA 20190. Open: Monday to Friday from 10 am until 6 pm, Saturday from 12 pm until 6 pm, Sundays by appointment or chance. For more information, call 703-478-0778, and visit  HYPERLINK “http://www.artinsights.com” www.artinsights.com. This show coincides with the much anticipated new Frank Darabont TV series “The Walking Dead”, premiering on AMC on Halloween. For an amusing website created by Matt Busch entirely dedicated to these images, go to  HYPERLINK “http://www.hollywood-is-dead.com” o “blocked::http://www.hollywood-is-dead.com/” www.hollywood-is-dead.com. For more information about the National Film Preservation Foundation, go to  HYPERLINK “http://www.filmpreservation.org” o “blocked::http://www.filmpreservation.org/” www.filmpreservation.org.
About Matt Busch:
In 2009, Matt Busch was tapped by LucasFilm to come up with an image that would infuse Star Wars with zombies as an online campaign to promote the Clone Wars episode “Brain Invaders”.  An avid fan of classic movie poster art, Busch’s idea instead was to recreate all six Star Wars movie posters as if the living dead were interwoven within the saga’s plot.  The fan and web reaction led to wide coverage of the work, including G4TV and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
Since then, Busch has been faithfully recreating a slew of cinema ads, challenging his ability to adapt a variety of painting styles, and painstakingly hand painting every detail in traditional mixed media for each image.  Busch comments, “Hollywood is Dead is the most fulfilling project I’ve ever worked on. I grew up on great movies, but the movie posters themselves are almost more vivid in my memory as iconic images. The opportunity to really study the original master artists like Drew Struzan, John Alvin, and Bob Peak has been extremely rewarding.”  Busch says nothing was sacred in tackling the creation of undead parodies of these classics, but for him it’s all in good fun, and done out of the utmost respect to the original posters that have had such an impact on his life as an artist and film fan.
Busch is known for his art on posters, books, and trading cards for many properties including Lord of the Rings, Heroes, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars, for which he created the “Revenge of the Sith” Style D one sheet movie poster.  He has worked with major musical artists such as Alice Cooper, Beck, Foo Fighters, Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, Poison and Billy Joel.  He lectures around the country on the art of illustration, and is also known for his book and educational DVD series “How to draw Star Wars”.   Matt Busch comes with great zombie credentials, having illustrated over a dozen covers for “Night of the Living Dead” comics and graphic novels written by George Romero, as well as the undead graphic novel series “House of Horrors”, by Kiss lead singer Gene Simmons.
ArtInsights Animation and Film Art Gallery, established in 1994, is a privately owned gallery located at 11921 Freedom Drive, Reston, Virginia 20190, at Reston Town Center.  The gallery’s collaboration with a diverse collection of famed film artists including John Alvin, Jim Salvati, William Silvers and Steve Chorney, adds the art of the cinema to their specialization of creating and developing collections of animation art from Disney, Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera, and all other major studios.  With more than 30 combined years of experience in the animation art field, owners Michael Barry and Leslie Combemale work closely with individuals and corporations to ensure the integrity of their collections.  ArtInsights is Virginia’s only animation and film gallery and is the only gallery in the Washington Metropolitan area authorized to represent Warner Bros. and Hanna Barbera animation art to the public.  They have also had exclusive rights to sell original illustrative art by ET and Blade Runner poster artist John Alvin, Harry Potter book cover artist Mary GrandPre, and are always pleased to find new, increasing renown artists to carry in the gallery!
For more information on ArtInsights, visit their website at  HYPERLINK “http://www.artinsights.com” o “blocked::https://www.artinsights.com/” www.artinsights.com or their web magazine,  HYPERLINK “http://www.artinsightsmagazine.com” o “blocked::http://www.artinsightsmagazine.com/” www.artinsightsmagazine.com, where they create educational and news videos that expand awareness and acceptance of the arts of animation and film art.
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Editors Note: A preview image of Busch’s work is below, and more images are available by e-mail in hi-resolution for publication by contacting Leslie Combemale,  HYPERLINK “mailto:artinsights@mac.com” artinsights@mac.com.


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