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Comic-Confidential: The First-Timer’s View, Part 3

July 24, 2013 – Christine here, bringing you my final few blog posts, one day after having written the following: 



The last three days have been wonderful and eventful and extremely draining. I’ve been working on the vlog project for Cinema Siren during all my free time, so I wasn’t able to keep up with this blog. Hopefully I’ll be able to remember everything…


Day 3: Wherein I am a Moron

Friday we knew we were going to be camping out overnight to get into Hall H the next morning, so we didn’t spend a whole lot of time at the con during the day. We spent just enough time for me to lose my wallet. I know. We got all the way home before I realized it. I could have just curled up and died because I knew Leslie and Michael needed to get rest for our overnight adventure. They were wonderful enough to drive me all the way back to the convention center, although I was positive that the best case scenario would be that someone brought my driver’s license to the Lost & Found, but kept all the cash, cards, Coach wallet itself, etc. Not so, the wicked, not so. Yes, the people at Comic-Con are so honest and noble that whoever found my wallet took it to Lost & Found without taking a thing (and I had about a month’s salary in cash there). If ever a person has blubbered, it was I when I saw the ladies at L&F open a safe and hand my wallet to me. Maybe humanity isn’t as hateful as I thought.

With that story out of the way, here’s the rest of the day: We got to the Exhibit Hall around 10AM because Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane were autographing guitars for people who bought them earlier. This involved hauling a huge and heavy box about half a mile, so it was a breeze. Totally worthwhile to get those signatures on my dad’s gift. I was lucky too, because Stan Lee just randomly peaced out a few minutes after my turn.

 I also made some purchases (including a beautiful original Sailor Moon drawing by artist Laurie B. and cute talking Star Wars figures for my godson).

We left pretty early because, like I mentioned, we wanted to get some sleep in bed before our camp-out on the concrete. We stopped at the Chuck Jones gallery in the historic gaslamp district. They had a lot of what we had in our Marvel vs. DC show hung up there, so it wasn’t exciting to me except for the fact that … well there’s probably something that made it cool for me. A guy cosplaying as Link was out front. I liked that. Got a free hat. Saw a zombie smokin’ a cigar. Normal things like that.  This is when we drove home and I discovered with much horror that my wallet was missing.

After that fiasco, we went back to our place and slept. At least Michael and Leslie did. I took a long shower to wash away the shame of my idiocy and then sat on my cot hating myself and being very grateful to everyone who helped bring my wallet back to me safe and sound.

We went out to dinner before setting up camp. The restaurant we ate at, Toast, happened to be right near where a lot of the parties were happening. Honestly I don’t know what those are about, and we weren’t invited to any, so … it is a myyysteryyy. Still cool to drive by a Weezer concert and an undoubted buttload of celebrities.

After eating, we looked for parking so that we could get in line for Hall H. Long story short, I had to carry by myself for about a mile 50 lbs of awkward, bulky items  (stuffed backpack, mattress roll, blanket, cooler full of wine, sleeping bag, to name a few). Again, my arms are the size of a fat child’s, so this was basically unbearable. Not even one person offered to help as I bumbled with all this crap falling out of my hands and –well whatever, I’m not going to complain any further because these are the people who took care of my wallet for me, and I should just love them.


Day 4: Hall H

Our overnight experience is mostly on film. You’ll see it in our video when we post it. Not much to say. The concrete was hard, the sleep was nominal, the air was cold, the people were friendly. At 5:30, they woke us all up to condense the line–meaning we inched our way forward very slowly over the course of the next 4ish hours.

Our neighbors in line were really funny which made the process of standing in line forever not suck. Everyone cheered enthusiastically whenever a person was caught trying to cut in line and got kicked out.

Mostly uneventful from here on, until the panels in Hall H began. There were so many. I know I won’t remember everything but here goes: Godzilla; I, Frankenstein; Edge of Tomorrow; Hunger Games: Catching Fire; Thor; X-Men: Days of Future Past; new Avengers movie; Batman-Superman logo reveal; 300 prequel (I guess?); Wolverine; Guardians of the Galaxy… The number of celebrities who appeared was staggering. I can’t believe I was in the same room as Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Tom Cruise, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Lawrence…and so so so many more.

It was a lot for my  brain to process because, especially challenging with the lack of sleep and food on my part. So I kind of took a nap during the “Women Who Kick Ass” panel, which is a shame because I love those women but frankly their message was geared toward anti-feminists, aka not me. Anyway, the point is that you should look elsewhere for any substantial information on the panels beyond “omg Michael Fassbender!” which is all I got here.

After that VERY long day in the Hall H panels, we were more than ready for dinner. Before I go any further though, I have to mention that the line for Sunday’s Hall H panels was already miles long–at 7PM!

We stopped at the Chuck Jones gallery again because one of the artists we represent, Mike Kungl, was unveiling some new works. It was cool to meet him because I’m a big fan of his art, but then also I was too hungry to care as much as I should have.

We found an adorable restaurant called Currant. They had curry popcorn (my favorite flavor on my favorite food) and Marvel themed cocktails. Between us we had a Jean Grey, two Professor Xs, and an Incredible Hulk. The meal wasn’t too shabby either. I guess we went home after this?  My brain had had enough; the rest of the night doesn’t exist in my memory.


Day 5:Final Purchases and HP Panel

Sunday was the most relaxed day, I think. The Exhibit Hall was unexpectedly still crammed full of people. The three of us split up which was nice because we all got to do the things important to ourselves. I found awesome SDCC 2013 exclusives to give as gifts to the people I love, talked to a guy about collaborating on making me a Steampunk Sailor Moon costume (TRADEMARK CHRISTINE MUNCHAK DON’T YOU DARE COPY I WILL CRY!), and got to see a lot of the floor that I had missed in the previous days. It’s amazing how big the floor is. I still didn’t cover the whole thing.

Leslie and I found the artist of the new Harry Potter book covers, Kazu Kibuishi  down in the Hall. He was thrilled to join the panel as a surprise guest. The panel was good. My arm turned into pin and needles after filming the entire thing though, sheesh. But we’ll have that video posted eventually as well.

After that, we went out for drinks with Leslie’s friend Stuart, with whom  I was apparently enamored. He did have the sickest collection of art, and the cutest Chihuahuas. I was virtually blacked out by the time we got home, which is just as well because I needed sleep (any shape or form would do).


Day 6:

Started working the minute I was awake. It’s crazy how much hard work it is to edit videos and photos. Not to mention Leslie’s computer wouldn’t import the videos, for no good reason, even AFTER I spent an hour fixing the external hard drive that we needed to use for the videos. So that was a waste.

We at least had a beautiful lunch break around 2 or 3 with a couple of friends. We had a view of the water and the weather was virtually perfect.

But then I had to immediately get back to work, haha. I guess I pretty much worked straight through until the time we were leaving for the airport, like 9PM or something.


Day 7: Home

We’re on the plane now, about to land. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t get any sleep but (a) I’m too excited about getting to see my dog! and (b) my workload is overwhelming–not just for our Comic-Confidential vlog, but also my other job where I have to design a book cover in like, a day. In fact, that’s my first stop as soon as we land. I’ll leave the airport and go right to that other job. If I sound happy, it’s because I am. I love feeling exhausted.

Anyway… that’s all. Comic-Con was one of the best experiences of my life. I didn’t sleep or eat much, I worked the entire time, I carried things that were too heavy for me to carry, I lost my wallet, I slept in the cold on concrete… and it was still amazing. If you ever have the opportunity to go, go.



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