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Comic-Confidential: The First-Timer’s View, Part 2

July 19, 2013 


Intern Christine here, telling you about Day Number Two at SDCC 2013.


001 Outside Convention


Today’s crucial events were (1) Leslie’s Legendary Animators of Classic 60s Cartoons panel with Bob Singer, Art Leonardi, Willie Ito, and Iraj Paran, and (2) my hands-down favorite TV show, the X-Files 20th Anniversary panel.

We got up really early today, which was fun (read: not that fun) because I was still drunk. The reason that  we had to get up so early was that the X-Files panel was in Ballroom 20, which is notoriously hard to get into because it holds some of the most popular panels. Not willing to risk missing this panel, Leslie and I got in line as soon as we could (after being sent to the wrong entrance three times after we had already mistakenly gotten into the Hall H line). The line was nowhere near as bad as I expected, but it was still reasonably intense for a first-timer. The weather was perfect and we stood in line near cool people, so I think it actually would have been very pleasant if I weren’t hauling a DSLR, a heavy zoom lens, two video cameras, an iPad, a laptop, dozens of miscellaneous cords and chargers, and a stack of papers and index cards that somehow weighed as much as a dang baby. Look how much I like to complain. Jeez. My shoulders were wrecked by the time we got into the room, but who cares because we got into the room during the first round of entry.

009 ai crew



Of course we stayed through all the panels before the X-Files, and luckily they were mostly good. First they screened the pilot for Intelligence, which seems super interesting and complex. There was also a pilot for a show that’s basically Romeo and Juliet dumbed down into “Twilight-with-aliens,” in the words of the fellow seated next to me. It’ll probably get a lot of viewers though because all those 30-year-old high-schoolers are pretty good-looking. Then there was this thing called Reign that I don’t even want to talk about. No. Then Beauty and the Beast with Kristen Kreuk, which I almost completely missed because I was working. Then it was Psych, hosted by Cary Elwes. Included musical numbers, free t-shirts, Twitter challenges, and more. After that came Sherlock which was really great, but again I was working on some graphics (boooo!) so I didn’t pay full attention. Huge bummer. But, do be sure to watch Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s videos they sent in lieu of being able to come to the con in person. Not sure if Freeman’s has been posted anywhere, but click here to watch Cumberbatch’s. It’s really funny.




Finally 3:30 rolled around so it was time for the main event (in my book). Sadly, again, I was juggling too many objects so I couldn’t pay as much attention as I wanted to. Isn’t that sad? I was filming the show with a camcorder in one hand AND trying to take photos with my unwieldy zoom lens-equipped camera in the other hand. What I managed to process in my brain about the panel was really good though, and at least I can watch the video to pick up what I missed.



As soon as that ended, I high-tailed it over to Leslie’s panel room to see the Legendary Animators of Classic 60s Cartoons. The panel was great because those animators are all fascinating and engaging. Like, I could have listened to each one of them for a week. I wish I could have. They created the shows that brought me (and tons of you, I bet!) up. I won’t talk too much about this because we have video footage of the whole thing, and I’m a little on the overwhelmed side. The animators gave loads of information and told stories you won’t hear or read anywhere else, so please be sure to watch our video (link to be posted later when the video’s ready).



Afterwards, we were privileged to take the animators out to dinner. I sat across from Art Leonardi and Bob Singer… Is this real life? I felt like a pauper sitting among royalty. I am not worthy! But they were really funny and personable and down-to-earth, telling us great anecdotes from their days in the animation world at Hanna-Barbera and WB and UPA, etc. It’s incredible; they have such good memory capabilities. Afterwards I had to gush to Bob Singer about what an honor it was to meet him. All of them, it was an honor. I feel so fortunate to have actually conversed with these artists. Hooray for me, right.



And now back to the grindstone. Comic-Con is hard work. Tonight I’m editing some photos, splicing video, being filmed talking about my experience… which is really hard because I’m so over-stimulated and also my brain is the worst and then also I’m the most camera-shy ever. All the better for your entertainment I guess. Video on its way. Check for our next blog post to get that link.

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