Excited about Alien: Covenant and LOVE Xenomorphs? We have John Alvin  movie art used in the making of the franchise. 

About ArtInsights



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11921 Freedom Drive
Reston, VA 20190

Local Phone: 703.478.0778
Toll-Free Phone: 800.820.1717

Email: artinsights@gmail.com


Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, although we sometimes close early for either art deliveries, or to see a film screening as part of Cinema Siren’s commitment to “guiding film lovers through a sea of celluloid”…. Call us if you are headed out in the late part of the day, or wish to see one of us in particular. Since they started charging for parking in Reston Town Center, we’ve added some extra weekend hours, and they are as follows: Saturday: 10:00 pm to 6:00 pm, and Sunday: 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm.


ArtInsights sells film art by the filmmakers.  We have been helping collectors build collections of film and animation art, both based in production and interpretive imagery, created by storied, credentialed artists that have a history in the film industry, for over 22 years.  We have worldwide exclusives with artists known for their work in film, as well as access to creating commissions based on your favorite films that will not only exceed your wildest expectations, but, if approved by both studio and collector, often will go on to be used for limited edition releases, making the original art all the more special and valuable.

We are known by our film artists as advocates on their behalf, and have become trusted and depended upon by both our collector base and the artists with whom we partner to promote traditional illustration, concept artistry, and the art behind film overall, highlighting and exposing the the greater art world the most important artists that have made and make the movies we love what they are.  We are also well known for finding the best artists to collect in traditional film art that will be the Norman Rockwells of the future. *

During the gallery’s first year in business as a brick and mortar store outside Washington DC, The Walt Disney Company invited ArtInsights to join its Disney Preferred Gallery Advisory Board, an organization comprised of only twelve members worldwide, and won the coveted “Rookie of the Year” award, still on display at the gallery after all these years!


The gallery is owned and run by Michael Barry and Leslie Combemale, and we have a beautiful showroom currently in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington D.C., close to Dulles International Airport, and convenient for collectors coming from overseas.

Michael is an honors graduate of The Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. and is a musician and composer. He has been a master framer for more than 30 years and has represented animation art since 1979.

Leslie began representing animation art in 1988, and she founded ArtInsights with Michael in 1994. She quickly became a trusted representative for some of the best artists creating the art of film, and continues to forge new relationships with Hollywood’s unsung artistic heroes, working to expose the fine art world to their unique, exceptional talents. She has a background in art history as well as studying jazz vocals with noted musician Ellis Marsalis.  She is now a nationally syndicated columnist going by the moniker “Cinema Siren”.  You can read all her reviews on www.Cinemasiren.com.


Our philosophy at ArtInsights is simple:

If we represent animation, film and illustrative art honestly and with integrity, collectors will hear about us, spread the word, and we will continue to grow. Creating a web magazine (www.artinsightsmagazine.com) that educates and enlightens collectors and fans, is one way we show our deep commitment and love of art and creativity –our desire to expand awareness and acceptance of animation, film and illustration art and the artists who create it inspires us every day.
We also have two YouTube sites dedicated to film and film art.  Cinema Siren and ArtInsights.  Subscribe for interviews, the latest film art news, and tips for collectors!



  • ONLY LICENSED, OFFICIAL ART.  No fan art.  We love fan art, and love the artistic expression of those who celebrate the films, but all our art is created by artists who have worked or are working at the movie studios that create the movies you love.  You walk into ArtInsights and see a graphite of E.T., and know it was created by a film artist in the industry.
  • Animation art: Our Gallery specializes in original production art, particularly Disney art prior to 1960, but has access to art from all animation studios, including Warner Brothers production art, and we also sell art by all the official interpretive Disney artists.
  • Film art:  MOVIE ART IS OUR THING!!  Of course our heart will always belong to John Alvin…we created a site for his career at www.johnalvinart.com, and have exclusive rights to sell all his originals.   We also have exclusive partnerships with other wonderful artists, as increasingly shown on our website.  We create commissions of film art for our clients expressing their unique artistic vision and perspective, celebrating the best and most evocative imagery in film history.
  • Contemporary Art: We have some of the hottest up-and-coming artists who are moving like rockets to the top of the art market working with us.  If you are looking for art by someone who will only get hotter, contact us and we’ll tell you about abstract, figurative, portrait, and illustrative artists who are exceptionally talented, on fire, and in high demand. We do quite a bit of art consulting around the world, not only with film art, but with art of all genres, but with one thing in common: buying it now will make you look like you had a crystal ball.
  • Museum Framing: YOU WANT SOMEONE WHO HAS FRAMED FOR THE WHITE HOUSE?  THE CORCORAN GALLERY?  THE SMITHSONIAN? Partner Michael Barry is a master framer and has worked on so many different types of projects, we can’t even count them all.  Of course we can frame your film art, or your cel, as we have expertise in both and can ship them anywhere, but for those who live in the area, we can design framing for whatever your heart desires.  We have clients who drive from hours away to avail themselves of Michael’s skill and talent…and by the way, we frequently price check against the store “Michael’s”, and we are competitive and often less than their prices.

We are proud of our gallery and believe you’ll enjoy working with us and respect our keen eye for great art and dogged pursuit in the acquisition of it for you, or for the loved one for whom you have finally discovered a place to find awesome gifts they will love!   Check Out Our Gallery Blog for our interesting experiences living in the world of film art…We also have a YouTube channel!  Subscribe for interviews, the latest film art news and tips for collectors!




1. We’re honest, straightforward, and enthusiastic about what we do.  In terms of representing film art and artists, some even say we’re on a mission.  YES!! PS: ALL OUR ART COMES WITH A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY.  Always.  
2. We’re believe in education, so we created a web magazine with videos and articles to teach about collecting, about film, and the artists who create the images you love.
3. We’ve been selling animation and film art for 25 years, ArtInsights has been open for 20 years, we were on the art advisory board for Disney, create and conduct panels at SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con), and have conducted seminars worldwide on the history, the importance of film campaign art and the history of animation.
4. We have lots of special shows with guest artists, many of which are the first in the country or are showing worldwide exclusive art.
5. We do a lot of research on every piece we sell and stand behind every image we sell.
6. We think charity connection is an essential part of success as a small business, and we work
with many charities in and outside the gallery.
7. We are a worldwide exclusive gallery representing the original art of John Alvin, and have exclusive art from many well known artists: John Alvin, Steve Chorney, Mary Grandpre, Casey Robin, Ben Curtis Jones, and many more! BUT we sell FILM ART BY THE FILMMAKERS.
8. We are always finding new art and up and coming artists for our clients–not what’s already been made flavor of the month, but beyond next year’s flavor –a flavor that’ll taste great for years and years! (like an art equivalent to the everlasting gobstopper in Willie Wonka…)
9.  We have great ideas and a great eye.  We create commissions with artists that are often used to make limited editions which go on to sell out in record time…(Ask us which ones.  We are happy to show you…)
10. We never give up on finding the art for our clients, if it takes a day, a year, or 12 years!


Purchases can be returned for in-store credit ONLY within thirty days after purchase date.

All layaway downpayments are non-refundable.  International orders, special orders, and commission sales are considered final sales and are non-refundable.


We ship anywhere in the world. We have the site set so that all international shipping is $100, but it may be less or more depending on the purchase.

We’ve started using PARCEL HERO, so pricing is so much less than it used to be, but we can let you know if it’s less or more after you purchase.  Generally, unless it is framed or needs significant insurance, it will hover around $100.  We REALLY want to make art accessible to international clients, so we will figure it out for you and make it as easy as possible.  INTERNATIONAL sales are final, however.

Monday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm
Saturday 12 to 6 pm
Sundays we are currently open 12-4, but sometimes we choose to do it by appointment or random happenstance.  We have had lots of visitors on Sundays lately, so we’ve started to be open!

We will come in outside these hours when called upon, and we are of course OFFSITE in the case of the occasional convention, interview, vacation, movie screening, etc., but we check our emails and Facebook messages.  So do become a “FAN”…

*what do we mean by that?  Even Norman Rockwell himself didn’t see what he did as an illustrator as “fine art”.  Now he is collected and housed in museums around the world.  We believe film artists deserve the same respect and appreciation.  We hope in the future artists like John Alvin will be recognized around the world for his artistic accomplishments.


“A few years back I had the great good fortune to hear about Leslie, Michael and ArtInsights Gallery.  They quickly became my go to contacts for all the Harry Potter and Star Wars art I’ve purchased, and I couldn’t be happier.  They are super cool people, geniuses at what they do and — most important — scrupulously honest.  I live in NYC where animation galleries abound, but can’t imagine doing business with anyone but Leslie and Michael.  They’re friends, family and ninja art gurus combined!”            (collector in NYC)

I have been a client of Artinsights for over 20 years.  Although they have helped me select beautiful and tasteful art for my three homes, one of the highlights of their work has been my two movie rooms.  In both cases they helped me select original and limited edition movie art that gave the rooms a real movie theater feeling.  This includes the surroundings around the entry and inside the theater itself.  Both my family and visitors agree that the artwork really enhances the experience.  I highly recommend Artinsights for your movie room art needs.” (collector in Florida)

“I contracted Leslie Combemale to come to my new house in Germany and design a collection of art appropriate to my media space, based on some of my favorite films.  She commissioned artists who are known in Hollywood to create art for me and every piece exceeded my expectations, a feat rarely accomplished.  My wife and I would recommend her to anyone.  There’s no one else in the world doing this!”  (collector in Hamburg, Germany)

“I don’t know anyone else promoting and supporting the art of traditional film illustration the way ArtInsights does.  They go BEHIND the poster and offer the art used to make it.  I wished I’d known about them sooner, because my husband would have gotten gifts he really wanted, and we would have grown to have way more great art over the years.  Now that we’ve found ArtInsights, I never have to go elsewhere for holidays, birthdays and special occasions.”  (collector in Paris, France)